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  • What to Expect

                                    What to Expect

What's a service like?  Every service includes a combination of Bible readings, songs, prayers, and a message.

What's the music like?  The music is traditional music on Sundays.

How do people dress?  People dress as they are comfortable.  We come just as we are before a gracious and merciful Lord.

What about my kids?  There is a cry room for the little ones and Sunday school for children.   

Can I take communion?  We believe the Lord miraculously gives us His body and blood in the bread and the wine.  This is a mystery which we do not understand but simply believe by faith.  We take our Lord's words to heart when he says, "Take and eat this is my body broken for you...".  If this is what you believe please join in our Lord's Supper.  If you prefer to refrain you are invited to come forward and receive a blessing, just cross your arms over your chest and the pastor will bless you!

How can I get connected?  The best place to begin is to contact our church office at 989-224-6796!  Also, there are two information classes each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.

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