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              In our Prayers  11-28-2021


IN OUR PRAYERSPrayers for those needing strength and healing: Prayers for Sheila Quigley (mother of Matthew Quigley) for pain relief and to avoid back surgery; Mike and Sandy Henry as they both undergo surgery; Marlene Groves as she undergoes heart valve replacement surgery on 12/1; Claire and Delbert (friends of Allen and Shirley Bebow), as they have COVID-19; Jeanette Barbour-health issues; Alice (granddaughter of Carol and Dale Malewska)-health issues; Pastor Brinley, who recovering from pneumonia; Stephen Kay (Alex Harry’s friend) battling a serious infection; Bertine Thelen (mother of Phillip Thelen) at home on Hospice; Jerry Bashore, Karen Marten’s brother; John Beck for health issues; Al Bower; Kevin Kimball; Carol Johnson; Mike Woodward; Richard and Caroline Dunigan; Vicky Loomis; Marlene Groves.

Members of our congregation and friends struggling with cancer: Don Loomis (friend of Allen and Shirley Bebow); Nomi (friend of Allen and Shirley Bebow); Larry, friend of Dick Dunigan; Dennis Patrick; Michelle Manas; Bruce Bishop; Charles Schneider, father of Lorin, a friend of Angies; Kelly King, a friend of Shirley Bebow’s daughter; Shari McCallister; Stacey Metz; Harvey Geary, John & Sue Triantaflos son’s father-in-law; Doris Jablowski; and Bo Wallace, Kellie and Phil Thelen’s niece’s husband.

Prayers for our Shut-ins:  Dot McAlvey (Hazel Findlay, Rm N-23, 1101 S. Scott Rd., St. Johns, MI 48879); Margaret Moore (3914 County Farm Rd., St. Johns, MI  48879); Dora Sakalas (Hazel Findlay, Rm N-29, 1101 S. Scott Rd., St. Johns, MI  48879); Theresa Oswald (1100 Sunview Dr., Apt. 304, St. Johns, MI  48879); Bonnie Vance (1100 Sunview Dr., Apt. 304, St. Johns, MI  48879); Carol Collins (Burcham Hills, Room 405, East Lansing, MI  48823); and Barb VanVleet (Hazel Findlay, 1101 S. Scott Rd., St. Johns, MI  48879).  Please consider sending a card to our shut-ins.

Special Prayer Request:

-For the Cornell family as they mourn the passing of Carol

-For Pastor Tony Sikora and his family, of Hope Lutheran Church in DeWitt


THANK YOU! A special thank you from Dennis and Leslie Patrick for all the prayers, support, and encouragement during this difficult time. Dennis is feeling better, but the fight continues!

*Please notify the church office if you would like a name added to our special prayer list or if you are in need of pastoral care.

***If you or a loved one is in need of pastoral care or would like a visit, please call the church office at 989-224-6796 to schedule a visit.  If you cannot reach the church office, contact Pastor Jim Pearl at 269-275-4016.

**If you have added someone to the prayer list, please update the church

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