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                        In our Prayers  08-14-2022

          IN OUR PRAYERS:  Prayers for those needing strength and healing: Prayers for Rick Dunigan (son of Dick and Caroline Dunigan) recovering from COVID; Bill Mayers as he recovers from a recent fall; Al Bebow as he recovers from an infection; Breann Henry for healing, strength and family, Lisa Schedler (niece of Pam and Bill Kuechenmeister) for doctors to find out her sickness/illness; Bill and Barb Bashore as they recovery from COVID; Trina Eppard, for recovery from surgery. Trina also needs prayers for encouragement; Larry Grennell struggling with heart problems; Vikki N (Cindi VanElls’ friend) for healing from major surgery; for our Good News Kitchen delivery driver health problems; “Gabby” Senter (friend of Shirley Huguelet) for recent loss of mother and serious spinal issues; Patrice Clark for recent health diagnosis; Mario (student of Sandy Henry’s) struggling with health conditions; Pam Garlett (friend of Dale and Carol Malweska) for strength after the death of her husband, Robert; Jeff Smith, continued health issues and healing; Diane Hogan (friend of Deb Badgett) for peace and strength; Cathy Wegryzn (sister of Dale and Carol Malewska) for health issues; Bill Race (friend of Al and Shirley Bebow) for continued recovery; Clark family salvation of family members; Cody Newhall to remain strong and beat addiction; Dena Maxson and family (friend of Deb Badgett); Mary Ann Grennell for ongoing health issues; Mandy and Mylee Wakley (daughter/granddaughter of Deb and Roger Badgett); Joyce Kimball for strength; Iona Keeler (friend of Dick Dunigan) suffering with dementia; Sheila Quigley (mother of Matthew Quigley) for pain relief and to avoid back surgery; Joann Randolph for ongoing health problems; Jeanette Barbour for ongoing health issues; John Beck for health issues and Al Bower for health issues. Unspoken requests for: Mike Woodward; Richard and Caroline Dunigan; Vicky Loomis; Rosa Laicher (Marion Marek’s mom); and Pam Hunter (ex-wife of Gary Blievernicht). Members of our congregation and friends struggling with cancer: Sid Scrimger- pancreatic cancer; Mike H (friend of Pam and Bill Kuechenmeister) stage 4 cancer; Catherine Hicks (sister of Cynthia Laich), diagnosed with breast cancer; Marie (friend of Heather Scranton); Yolanda (friend of Heather Scranton); Megan Koutsoubos (friend of Mark and Robin Ingalls); Lynette Weaver (Cheryle Mitchell’s sister)-systemic cancer; Steve Sjoberg and family (friend of Heather Scranton); Jim Butler (Christy Smith’s father); Michael Wylye–now in renal failure; Chad Hayes (son of Allen and Bev Hayes)-pancreatic cancer. Kevin Kimball (son of Joyce Kimball)-lung cancer; Don Loomis (friend of Allen and Shirley Bebow); Nomi (friend of Allen and Shirley Bebow); Dennis Patrick; Michelle Manas; Bruce Bishop; Kelly King, (friend of Shirley Bebow’s daughter); Shari McCallister; Stacey Metz; Doris Jablowski and Emily Haubert (2 nd round cancer treatment and surgery). Prayers for our Shut-ins:  Pastor George Brinley (1206 Loren Ct, St. Johns, MI 48879); Dot  McAlvey (Hazel Findlay, Rm N-23, 1101 S. Scott Rd., St. Johns, MI 48879); Margaret Moore (3914 County Farm Rd., St. Johns, MI  48879); Dora Sakalas (Hazel Findlay, Rm N-29, 1101 S. Scott Rd., St. Johns, MI  48879); Theresa Oswald (1100 Sunview Dr., Apt. 304, St. Johns, MI  48879); Bonnie Vance (1100 Sunview Dr., Apt. 308, St. Johns, MI  48879); and Carol Collins (Burcham Hills, Room 405, East Lansing, MI  48823).  Please consider sending a card to our shut-ins.

Thank you!: from Sandy Henry: “Thank you for all your prayers. My surgery went well and my recovery continues as well. I am looking forward to getting back to my special needs students in September May God bless all of you!” Also from Sandy: “Thank you for the continued prayers for my student, Mario. He continues to struggle with his health concerns”.

*Please notify the church office if you would like a name added to our special prayer list or if you are in need of pastoral care.

**If you have added someone to the prayer list, please update the church office of any status updates or if you would like them removed.

***If you or a loved one is in need of pastoral care or would like a visit, please call the church office at 989-224-6796 to schedule a visit. If you cannot reach the church office,
 contact Pastor Jim Pearl at 269-275-4016.