Governing Documents

In 2018, our membership voted to change the governance model we were using to a Policy Governance model. 

Policy Governance provides a single board (the Governing Board) that oversees the ministry, staff, and finances of the congregation. Their roll is to serve the voters in overseeing the congregation so the voters don't have to meet every month.  The board serves under the authority of the voters and is responsible to keep the voters informed.

This governance model clearly defines the line between staff work and board work.  In addition to the definition of roles, the model provides room to appoint committees when needed - for example, appointing a committee to review insurance policies to make sure the congregation is adequately insured, or a committee to draft next year's budget for approval.

Constitution (as adopted in 2018)

By-Laws (as adopted in 2018)

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Board Guidelines and Meeting Minutes

Governing Board Policy Manual (as adopted in 2018)

Approved Governing Board Meeting Minutes


Staff Guidelines

Church Staff Handbook (as adopted in 2018)