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                            Church Extension Fund

At the dawn of the 20th century, June 18, 1901, our Lutheran forefathers, both clergy and laymen, came together and conceived an innovative notion ‚Äď a shared financial institution that would be available to assist new mission congregations throughout Michigan in building their first worship facilities through affordable loans.
                       This was the humble beginning of 
             Church Extension Fund in Michigan.

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                       Church Extension Fund

At St John's Lutheran Church we are seeking someone from our Church who would like to serve as a Church Extension Representative.  The job description and suggested qualifications are listed below. 
 If interested, please contact  Pastor Pearl.

TITLE:   Church Extension Representative (CER)

POSITION PURPOSE:  Understand and talk about the ministry of Church Extension Fund (CEF) in our church. Promote CEF using available materials and describing new products or services.  Be the eyes and ears of CEF at our church.

  1.      Active member of our church
  2.      A person willing to learn about the mission of 
 3.      A person who likes to help our church and serve              its members
  4.      A current (or future!) investor at CEF  


1.        To learn about Church Extension Fund. Some
        CEF programs include Excel In Giving, Investment                   Rebate Program, and congregational grant                          programs.
2.        Become familiar with and display current CEF                  brochures, Offering Circular, interest rate 
           sheets,  and other promotional items in a visible 
           area of the church.
3.        Increase congregational awareness of CEF’s                        ministry by working with:

           Our Pastor
           The Governing Board 
           Members like you
           Various Church Organizations

4.        Keep your congregation informed of the role                      Church Extension Fund plays in the ministry of                  our church and the benefits of investing by 
           using  the provided materials in the monthly CER           email. This includes tips, interest rates, and
            bulletin paragraphs.
5.        To attend the Annual CEF Fall Conference and to               have fun learning about CEF!

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