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News Letter

     News Letter Week of 11-28-2021 

IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE RECEIVING EMAILS FROM PASTOR, please check your Junk/Spam folders.  We understand that servers may be automatically moving or noting these mails as “junk/spam”.  If you have a home computer, click on the email and mark as “not junk/spam”.


BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK: Alexander Thornton 11/28; Haley Griffith 11/29; Hilary Griffith 11/29; Sally Harry 11/29; Bruce Marshall 11/29; Elizabeth Henry 11/30; Samantha Pearl 12/1;Cindy Laich 12/2; Krista Blievernicht 12/3; Todd Slater 12/3; Jean Duquette 12/4



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