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Lost of a Spouse - Sat,April 30, 10 am to Noon


The following is a 13 week Seminar and you can                    attend any or  all of them.

         Wed, August 24 through Nov 16, 6 to 8pm


Griefshare’s Content – Comfort, Answer, and Hope

GriefShare is a 13-session program.  At each meeting, participants learn about grief-related issues.  The topics covered during those 13 sessions are grouped into the following categories:


COMFORT (Sessions 1-5) Aug 24,31                                                                  Sept 7.14,21
ANSWERS (Sessions 6-9)Sept  28,
                                                    Oct 5,12,19
  Hope   Sessions 10-13)     Oct 26                                                                        Nov 2,9,16   

While its ideal for group members to attend all 13 sessions, each weekly session is designed to be “open,” meaning a person can begin attending at any time.  Members will find comfort, answer, and hope in every session!


COMFORT:  Sessions 1-5   

Many grieving people feel like they are going crazy.  They are unprepared for the intensity of their emotions and the duration of their grief.  The first five sessions of GriefShare will comfort you by helping you realize that your experiences of grief are normal.  These sessions also describe what you should expect to experience (emotionally, relationally, physically, and spiritually) as you move along the journey of grief.  This information stabilizes you, helps you realize you’re okay, and prepares you for what lies ahead.


ANSWERS:  Sessions 6-9

You will have a lot of questions.  You will be facing unique and challenging circumstances.  It’s important you receive answers to yourr questions and solutions to your problems; otherwise, you won’t heal from your grief.  That’s why Sessions 6-9 focus on giving you answers.  You will hear answers to the “why” questions and sound advice on how to handle the circumstances and emotions that complicate grief, and  discover practical ways to avoid getting stuck in grief.


HOPE: Sessions 10-13

The last four session of GriefShare point forward.  They give you a vision of how God can use your grief in positive ways and offer hope for what the future holds.  These sessions explain important lessons of grief, what heaven is like, and how to move forward without leaving behind the memory of their loved one.

Copied from Church Initiative, GriefShare Your Journey from Mourning to Joy/Leader’s Guide


Surviving the Holidays : 
                                              Nov 5, 10 am-Noon

All sessions are in the Acts Room
at St.Johns Lutheran Church St.Johns Mi